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Contact Us

Contact us

Willingdon Community School
Broad Road
Lower Willingdon
East Sussex
BN20 9QX

Telephone: 01323 485254
Fax: 01323 487779

Headteacher: Emily May

For finance enquiries, please contact the Finance team on 01323 481104

For general enquiries, please contact the Reception team on 01323 485254.

Report Student Absence 

Absence from school can be reported to us by text on 07418344551

Via your EduLink account

Or via the main switchboard 01323 485254 extn 259.

You can also email the school at

Dear Parents and Carers,

Please see below the forms of communication available to you. If you have an initial query about your child, it should go to the form tutor first. All emails for Willingdon staff begin with the staff initial and then the surname, followed by


If you have a more pressing concern about your child’s wellbeing, this should be directed to the Head of Year or the Pastoral Support Leader (PSL). Their email addresses and the extension phone numbers are below:

Year 7 – Ext 177

Head of Year - Mrs L Naylor

Joint Head of Year - Miss P Martin

PSL - Mrs D Taylor

 Year 8 – Ext 207

Head of Year - Mr T Cain

Joint PSL - Miss V Bishop

Joint PSL - Miss L Brockman

Year 9 – Ext 227

Joint Head of Year - Mrs Z Kemp

Joint Head of Year - Mr J Thornton

PSL - Mrs C Codling

Year 10 – Ext 212

Head of Year - Mr L Gordon

PSL - Mrs C Meanwell

Year 11 – Ext 216

Head of Year - Mr A Roche

PSL - Mrs N Hylands

If your query relates to a particular subject, you need to refer to the subject teacher first then the Head of Department or Assistant Head of Department - email addresses below:


Head of Department - Mrs H Powell

Deputy Head of Department - Mr D McGough

Assistant Head of Department - Miss P Martin


Head of Department - Ms H Arnold

Deputy Head of Department - Miss R Brown

Assistant Head of Department - Mrs M Childs (on maternity leave)


Head of Department – Mr P Osborne

Deputy Head of Department - Mrs M Angella-Foyle

Deputy Head of Department - Mr J Dubas-Fisher


Head of Department - Mrs C Philibert-Lockyer

Deputy Head of Department - Mrs M Dupont

DT, IT, Art, Business and Enterprise

Head of Department - Tech & Enterprise - Mrs A Borrell

Deputy Head of Department – Business and Enterprise - Mrs R Harris-Moss

Head of Department – Computer Science and IT - Mrs P Harrison

Head of Department - Art & DT - Mrs J Griffith


Head of Department – Geog, Ethics & RSHE - Mrs L Collins

Head of Department – History & Sociology - Miss L Hughes (on maternity leave)


Head of Department - Mrs V Wilson


Head of Department - Mrs E McCarthy


Head of Department - Miss C Attrill

Assistant Head of Department - Mrs A Legate


Head of Department - Mrs L Collins


Head of Department – Mrs O Barber

SEND Intervention Coordinator


If there is an issue that your child or you need an urgent response over e.g. safeguarding or an issue within the community, it is then appropriate to use the

Uniform enquiries

Uniform enquiries need to be directed to Reception at

Social Media

Finally, we will continue to use Twitter and Facebook regularly to update parents.  We will never put a message on there that is crucial for all to read as we do appreciate that many parents may not join these sites. However, it is nice for us to drip feed information to you through these methods and also ensure that we celebrate the successes of our student and staff body.

The links to these are: 

Follow us on Twitter

Find us on Facebook

 Many thanks for your support and any questions, please let us know.

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