Literacy is at the heart of our teaching at Willingdon Community School. We believe that improving students’ reading and writing is the key to future success in whatever career paths they choose to pursue.
The teaching of literacy does not stop once students have left the English classroom.


This year our whole school focus is on developing students’ use of vocabulary. Experts believe this is one of the most significant ways to secure academic success.


At Willingdon Community School we believe that reading in as integral part the curriculum. During the course of the year, we have planned whole school events to celebrate reading. 

Literacy Prompts

Each term, there is a new whole school literacy focus. Literacy prompts remind students about key punctuation and grammar rules. These are published in every classroom and are promoted in lessons. For our current and past literacy prompts see below.

Each term we have a new literacy prompt, which is published and made a priority in lessons. These are up all around the school.