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Emergency Closure information

When adverse weather is experienced, if you are ever in doubt as to whether the school will be open as usual, please log on to the School Website for the latest information.

The School website is updated by 7.00am (approx) on adverse weather days or, if you prefer, listen to More Radio (available in and around the Eastbourne area) or Heart FM (county-wide) for further details (their bulletins are usually updated during adverse weather periods every 15 minutes).

Another option for parents/carers is the email “alert” facility available from the County Council website, enabling users who, by registering their email address, receive an automatic email sent to them informing them if the school is closed, as soon as the County Council receive notification from the school itself, of the emergency closure.  Again, if a decision is made to close the school during adverse weather conditions this will usually be done by 7.00am (at the latest). 

To register your email address for this facility you should log on to the County Council website here: 

Register Today 

Type in the school name and set up future alerts to notify you of the school closure.

This notification facility is available for all East Sussex primary and secondary schools/academies, so if you have children at other schools/academies, this email alert system can be set up for those schools as well.

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