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Our Student Rewards System

The Willingdon rewards system is designed be of value to the students, parents and staff.

The School recognises that a key part of developing the potential of our young people is giving encouragement and praise. Praise is a key component of discipline with dignity, good teaching and good staff/student relationships. Staff are encouraged to actively look for opportunities to praise students both within and beyond lessons. The school encourages our students to strive for excellence which we take to mean being the best that they can be, regardless of ability. Our rewards system allows us to celebrate achievement, excellence and student contribution in all aspects of school life. The school will use all available means to publish and promote achievement by all members of the school.


  • To be inclusive for all.

  • To recognise and celebrate student’s work, commitment and high levels of achievement.

  • To promote the positive recognition of success amongst all members of the school community, through public celebration and contact with parents and carers.

  • To celebrate progress made by the students.

  • To encourage progress in all aspects of school life.

  • To reward students frequently for a variety of achievements.

Reward points

All staff will be actively engaged in carrying out this policy. The allocation of rewards points by staff will be regularly track to ensure consistency and equality.

Reward Point Mile Stones


Point Value











Rewards Shop

  • Students will be able to exchange their Willingdon Community School reward points at the school rewards shop. Student to be issued with a claim for at the end of each term. Points can be exchanged for a wide variety of items which include stationary, sports equipment, vouchers and clothing.

  • Students can exchange their milestone reward points for items from the reward shop at the time of issue or bank the reward point value to go towards future milestones item claims.

Reward point categories

R1 = 1 Point

  • Extra-curricular

  • Homework

R2 = 2 Points

  • School representation

  • Personal Excellence – Ambition/ Respect/ Compassion/ Courtesy/ Honesty

  • Progress Every Lesson – Subject Knowledge/ Engagement/ Challenge/ Questioning/ Learning to learn

R3 = 3 Points

  • Reading for Pleasure

  • Green learning walk

R5 = 5 Points

  • Excellent Literacy

  • Service to school

  • Golden Ticket

  • Outstanding piece of work

  • DOSP Reward

  • Mindfulness

  • Careers

 R10 = 10 Points

  • Leadership of school/ charity initiative/ assembly

R20 = 20 Points

  • No behaviour points all term

  • 95-96% attendance for term

R25 = 25 Points

  • 97-99% attendance for term

R50 = 50 Points

  • 100% attendance for term

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