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School Canteen

Our School Canteen

Our School Meals are supplied by Chartwells. You can download the menus and price lists here.

The meal price of £2.27 as agreed by ESCC is effective from September 2021.

Please be advised that there will be a price increase of 2.1% from 18th April 2022, bringing the meal price to £2.32. Please see the letter from East Sussex County Council for further information.

ESCC - School Meal Price Rise


Spring / Summer Term Menu

Meet the Team

My name is Tracy Chrismas and I am the Cook Supervisor at Willingdon Community School. My team and I provide the school meals at the School on behalf of Chartwells.

As a parent I am very aware of the need to provide young people with a healthy balanced menu and in conjunction with the school we have been at the forefront in the County at introducing a healthier menu to our students. We have been an example to other secondary schools in the County in how to move towards a healthier menu, have received a number of visits from staff in those schools in order to observe our meal service.

We also provide a breakfast club between 8.00am and 8.30am which always proves popular.

During the coming terms, as well as our normal menu we also have a number of "theme days" throughout the school year, which offer our students a taste of something a bit different, whilst still meeting the healthier menu criteria. During the last school year we had a Chinese, Mexican, and Greek day to name but a few. We have also provided in the last academic year opportunities for free ìtasterî sessions for both students, and parents, and we are already busy preparing other initiatives in order to make the dining hall more popular than ever!

Healthy Eating

As a number of our students bring in a packed lunch rather than eat a hot school meal, we thought we would take the opportunity to help parents/guardians provide a varied and balanced lunchbox, as the Food Standards Agency has put together some practical tips and suggestions:

Ten Top Lunchbox Tips

  1. Make sandwiches with thickly sliced bread, or choose rolls or mini pitta breads. Go for wholegrain or wholemeal varieties when you can

  2. Cut down on the amount of butter, margarine or mayonnaise you use

  3. Pick low-fat sandwich fillings such as lean meats, including ham or turkey, fish, cottage cheese, edam, mozzarella or sliced banana

  4. As well as fresh fruit such as apples and bananas, include a handful of chopped fresh fruit salad, grapes or melon pieces, or a small box of raisins, or similar.

  5. Rather than drinks that are high in sugar, such as colas or sweetened juice drinks, go for unsweetened fruit juice, flavoured bottled water, flavoured milk and yoghurt drinks

  6. Cut down on crisps, which are high in fat and choose plain popcorn, breadsticks or dried mixed fruit (without added sugar) instead

  7. Replace cakes, chocolate and biscuits with wholemeal scones, currant buns and fruit bread

  8. Don’t forget to include some vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, sticks of carrot, cucumber, celery or peppers

  9. Remember to put some salad in sandwiches and, once a week, why not go for a colourful mixed salad instead of a sandwich

  10. Try to vary what you put in your the lunchbox. This won’t just help make lunches more interesting, as a varied diet is important to give young people all the nutrients they need to grow and be healthy.

Tips for Cutting Down on Fat!

 Have More....

  • Bread, such as mini pitta breads, bagels or chapattis (Wholegrain or wholemeal where possible)

  • Plain popcorn, breadsticks, dried mixed fruit and unsalted nuts

  • Scones, currant buns, fruit bread and semi sweet biscuits such as digestives

  • Deep based pizza, pasta or rice salad (brown or wholegrain varieties)

  • Low fat sandwich fillings such as, grilled chicken, ham, beef, low fat sausage, tuna, boiled egg, cottage cheese, edam, mozzarella, reduced fat houmous or sliced banana

Have Less....

  • Butter, margarine, mayonnaise

  • Crisps

  • Cakes, chocolate coated biscuits

  • Meat pies, pasties, salami

  • Meats with visible fat or skin, high fat cheese.

As a reminder, packed lunches should include the following every day:

  • Meat, fish or a non-dairy source of protein.

  • Red meat should be available at least twice a week in primary schools and at least three times a week in secondary schools.

  • Fish should be available at least once a week in Primary Schools and twice a week in secondary schools

  • Of that fish, oily fish should be available at least once every three weeks.

  • Lunches for Primary students can include dairy sources of protein.

  • A starchy food.

  • At least one portion of fruit. Fruit based desserts should be available at least twice a week for students in primary schools.

  • At least one portion of a vegetable or salad.

  • A milk or dairy food All students should have easy access to free, fresh water.

Packed Lunches should NOT include:

  • Confectionary

  • Savoury snacks other than nuts and seeds with no added salt, sugar or fat.

  • Deep fried products more than twice a week.

  • Manufactured meat products more often than occasionally.

  • Drinks other than water (still or sparkling), milk (skimmed or semi skimmed), pure fruit juices, yoghurt or milk drinks (with less than 5% added sugar) or combinations of these.

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