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Personalised pastoral care

At Willingdon Community School we strive to achieve our own levels of Personal Excellence.  We are Ambitious, Respectful, Compassionate, Courteous and Honest. We place  a great emphasis on our personalised pastoral care, taking the time to listen to and support our students and parents.  We have high expectations of uniform, behaviour and attendance both in lessons and in our wider community that we serve.  We have a robust rewards system ensuring all students are recognised when they meet or exceed our expectations.

The pastoral system is led by an Assistant Headteacher and 2 Associate Assistant Headteachers.  Each year group has a Director of Student Progress (DoSP) and a Pastoral Support Leader (PSL).  The Directors of Student Progress lead a team of 7 tutors in each year group.  The PSL’s are non-teaching support staff which are assigned to an individual year group. In addition to this, we have bespoke nurture provision within the Inclusion Team, a Welfare Officer, Student Support staff for medical needs and we also offer counselling from an external practitioner.  Students have a timetabled lesson daily with their pastoral tutor and they support the students with their careers aspirations and Relationship and Sexual Health Education too. We are proud to be able to deliver timetabled lesson on Mindfulness at Willingdon with a designated teacher delivering these inspiring and reflective sessions.

Pastoral Leadership

Deputy Headteacher – Mrs Nadene Townsend-Smith

Directors of Student Progress

Year 7 – Ms Catherine Johnson

Year 8 – Mrs Lesley Naylor / Miss Becky Marshall

Year 9 – Mr Anthony Roche 

Year 10 – Mr Tom Cain

Year 11 – Mr Lee Gordon (Associate Assistant Headteacher)

Pastoral Support Leaders

Year 7 – Miss Ellie Todd

Year 8 – Mr Adam Edwards

Year 9 – Mrs Natalie Hylands

Year 10 – Mrs Taryn May

Year 11 – Miss Lucy Bradley

Pastoral Support Staff

Mindfulness Teacher – Mr Martin Stammers

Welfare Officer – Mrs Lorraine Lamberton and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Attendance Manager – Mrs Diane James

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