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GCSE Exam Results

Our 2021 GCSE Exam Results

We are delighted to report another year of strong outcomes for Willingdon. Our Year 11 students completed a rigorous timetable of assessments which rounded off two years of intensive GCSE study. Headteacher, Emily Beer, remarked ‘Despite facing huge challenges and national uncertainty over the last two academic years, this cohort has consistently demonstrated ambition, maturity and resilience. We would like to thank the parent body for their support and our students for their hard work.’ 

Several students have made exceptional progress in their time at Willingdon, including Erin Wilkins, Kyla Francis, Jessica Stevens, Michael Carr, Holly Matthews and Malac Kayyali.  Jessica Coupland was our highest achieving student in 2021 with 8 grade 9s. Other outstanding outcomes were enjoyed by Eryn Greenaway (7 grade 9s), Ben Burgess (6 grade 9s), Katie Barclay (also 6) and Lucy Pitfield (5 grade 9s). A number of Willingdon students are using their excellent results as a springboard for sixth form scholarships. Matthew Wakefield, Jessica Coupland and Darcey Gibson have been awarded scholarships at Eastbourne College. 

2021 GCSE results

Grade 4 & above

Grade 5 & above







Some of our high performing 2021 subjects included:

  • Biology (53% grade 7 of higher)

  • Music (43% grade 7 or higher)

  • History (36% grade 7 or higher)

  • PE (42% grade 7 or higher)

  • French (42% grade 7 or higher

  • Food Prep & Nutrition (81% grade 5 or higher)

  • Art (82% grade 5 or above)

  • Whole school progress 8 = 0.6

  • Whole school attainment 8 = 51.82

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