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Our Learning Resource Centre

Bridging the opportunity gap

Our Learning Resource Centre is at the heart of our school building. An inclusive and accessible space to allow study, reading for pleasure and the opportunity for student's to fulfil their potential.



Challenging ourselves to read texts that are new to us.



Treating our library space with respect by tidying up after ourselves.



Reading a range of texts to develop our empathy skills.



Being kind to other users of the space and treating volunteer students with kindness.



Asking for help when we need guidance or support on our reading journey.

Use of the Library

KS3 students have one dedicated Reading for Pleasure lesson per week as part of their English lessons. Across the school year, students will: visit the school library to browse and read for pleasure, engage in online author book talks, share reading in groups, write book reviews, and take part in termly reading conversations.

Our enticing books are grouped in themes linked to the #inmyshoesWCS challenge so that all students can find something to capture their imaginations. You can find out more about engaging reading for pleasure ideas here 

Current sections include: about life, adventure, animal stories, autobiographies and biographies, based on real life, comics, crime, dystopian and scary, fantasy, funny, graphic novels, mythology, non-fiction, poems, sci-fi, sport, super readable and dyslexia friendly and war.

Students have the opportunity to engage with the Southern School Book Awards and the UKLA Book Award.

Year 7 and 8 students are also involved in BookBuzz thanks to the sponsorship of the Friends of Willingdon School.

New books this academic year

Ways to support us

We are always looking to increase our book stock to keep it relevant and engaging to students.

If you would like to purchase a book to donate to the school library, please click here to see our current wish list and the students you might be able to help.

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