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Our Library

Willingdon School Library

We are fortunate to have a purpose built library facility located in the heart of the school. Our modern library was designed to allow students to browse a range of genres and relax reading them in a comfortable, welcoming space.

The shelves are stocked with over 5000 items, each of which is detailed on the online catalogue. Alongside these, we have a bank of networked computer workstations. Students have access to the library for independent study and recreational reading, as well as a space for group work and classes.

Our library stock encompasses all readers, comprising of fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and easy reads. Throughout the academic year new purchases are made to ensure we have new, exciting stock, these include novels shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and the Southern School Book Awards. Furthermore, recommendations and wish lists are provided through students across the school.

Opening times

Opening times are at both break and lunch alongside provision after school until 4pm Monday – Friday.

Mobile Library

To assist you in your reading for pleasure, we have a mobile library.

Step 1:
(Click on the Guest link in the top right corner of the page,

then the 'Login via SSO' button)

STEP 2:  Search for your desired book

STEP 3: drag your book onto the ‘reserve’ tab

Step 4: Patiently await your book delivery

Library Mission Statement

Our mission is to make the library a welcoming, warm, safe environment for our students and community members as we promote a passion for reading. We endeavour to:

  • Encourage through reading the pursuit of personal interests

  • Encourage curiosity about the world around us

  • Empower students to be critical thinkers

  • Foster a reading culture of lifelong readers and learners.

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