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Our Mental Health Team

Below is the team of support and teaching staff who have been trained in Mental Health First Aid.

This is a two day course which explores in depth how staff can support our young people. Our vision is that every teacher and support staff member will receive the opportunity for this training within the next five years. We recognise the importance of being mentally healthy as practitioners  and leading by example. We also believe it is crucial for every staff member to be continually developing their understanding of issues facing our young people today.

If students have concerns with their mental health, they can speak to any of the staff members listed below or their pastoral team or the safeguarding team.

Mrs H Arnold

Mr I Baxter-Smith

Mrs M Romero

Mrs S Clinch

Mrs P Burge

Mr P Smigielski

Mr M Stammers

Mrs L Mitchener

Mrs B Harvey

Miss R Jacomb

Mrs Z Kemp

Miss D Leonard

Miss R Wells

Mrs L Manning

Mr D McGough

Mrs M Mooney

Mr C Musgrave

Mrs R Ridley

Miss A Gwilliam

Mr R Worrall

Miss G O'Neill

Mrs A Worrall

Mrs S Rooney

Mrs C Attwood

Mr L Evason

Mrs C Fox

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