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KS3 #inmyshoesWCS

KS3 #inmyshoesWCS

Books can be mirrors to our own lives and windows into the experiences of other people. Being able to empathise with others and express our own feelings helps us to communicate effectively and show understanding and compassion. These are key skills for the workplace and for demonstrating Personal Excellence.

Each term, KS3 students read and record their thoughts on a book that has helped them to develop their empathy skills. There are more than 300 books listed on the #inmyshoesWCS empathy challenge that are available to borrow from the school library. Click here to view the books currently listed. You can click on the book covers to find out more information about the texts. Students can also suggest other texts that have helped them to develop their empathy skills. A fantastic way to build ideas for our library stock.

Each term we focus on a different emotion from the feelings wheel . Click here to see a copy of the wheel. Students are encouraged to build their vocabulary choices and to develop their understanding of a range of perspectives.   

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