Student Leadership Team

We are pleased to introduce our Senior Leadership Team and Senior Prefect Team for 2020-21

Student Leadership Training Programme

Date Training Focus              Trainer
22nd June 2020 School Structure SLT Team
29th June 2020 Safeguarding Lorraine Curryer (Safeguarding Team)
13th July 2020 Mental Health Ellie Hale (Mental Health Trainer)
17th September 2020 Leadership Styles Fionnuala Rodgers  (Deputy Headteacher)
23rd September 2020 Peer Mentoring Becky Thomas (Associate Assistant Headteacher and Professional Tutor)
30th September 2020 Public Speaking Clive Hale (Chair of Governors)
7th October 2020 Budgeting Andy Webb (Business Manager)
14th October 2020 Student Council John Pritchett (Parish Council)
21st October 2020 Graduation Lee Gordon (Associated Assistant Headteacher) Emily Bee (Headteacher)





Head Girl
Head Boy
  Lowri Lambird-George Michael Carr  

As Head Boy and Head Girl, we are your main representatives of the school. Our Student Leadership Team consists of a team of deputies and senior prefects as well as student council representatives in every year group. We have been provided with so many outstanding opportunities during our time at Willingdon.

Willingdon Community School prides itself on valuing student voice.  Students can become transition mentors, student council reps, student mentors, prefects and subject scholars. These leadership roles allow us an opportunity to help shape the vision of the school and help make it the school we want it to be.   An example of this is that we want our school to be more eco-friendly. We have been given a dedicated eco- space and we have currently designed and implemented signage for the area as well as planted many flowers and plants to create a wellbeing garden for the years ahead.

As a student leadership team we aim to further embed the 5 school values of Ambition, Respect, Courtesy, Compassion and Honesty which help you to become the very best version of you




Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl

Amelie Anastasakis Eryn Greenaway Esther Foreman






Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Girl

Deputy Head Boy

Lucy Brown  Rosa Fardella Fletcher Holman



Deputy Head Boy



  Matthew Wakefield  

Senior Prefect Team




Ben Burgess Cody Stanton Chloe Simpkins






 Joshua Porter  Jude Schiraldi  Leonor Ramos Monteiro




 Lucy Pitfield  Malac Kayyali