Community School Health Service

The Community School Health Service

Now that your child is transferring to Secondary school, we would like to tell you about the service offered by the Community School Health Service.

Year 7

During Year 7, your child will be introduced to the Healthy Child Programme 11-19 years. He/She may be offered a health care interview which will include a discussion about all aspects of your child's health. We will follow up with you only when necessary.

Year 8

During Year 8, we will be offering the HPV vaccine to female pupils.

Year 10

During Year 10 your child will be offered the Men C and Leaving School Booster (Td/lPV) immunisations.
We will give you more information regarding the vaccinations/immunisations nearer the time.

We work closely with the staff at school and sometimes may need to share information about your child in order to provide the best possible support. We also work closely with agencies that work within the school. All schools have a 'drop-in' service offered by their named School Nurse for pupils, parents and staff. Your child can come and see us at any time to discuss any concerns he/she may have. It is a confidential 1:1 where they can access appropriate information and support. Generally, we do not expect to contact you after a 'drop-in' session; however, there will be times when we do.

Some pupils may need to have School Nurse input such as educational needs, child protection or ongoing health concerns needing review and you will normally be involved with these. We can offer home visiting to support you both and your child.

If you would like to know more about what the Community School Health Service offers within the Healthy Child Programme 11-19 years, please contact the Team on the number above or via email.

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