Student Rewards System

Student Rewards System

Introducing a reward system to acknowledge the achievements and efforts of all students that is central to the teaching and learning here at Willingdon Community School. 

Description of Reward Point Value
Lesson Level  
Academic achievement/attainment 1
Extra Curricular 1
Homework 1
Progress 1
Participation/Questioning 1
School representation 2
Organisation 2
Excellent Literacy 5
Service to the school 5
Golden ticket 5
Outstanding piece of work 5
Electronic postcard home 5
Attending catch-up session (Year 10&11) 10
Leadership of school/charity initiative/assembly 10
Bundles Point Value
No behaviour points all term 50
95-96% attendance (End of Term 2, 4 & 6) 50
97-99% attendance (End of Term 2, 4 & 6) 75
100% attendance (End of Term 2, 4 & 6) 100


Golden Tickets

  • Teachers are allocated Golden tickets to issue to students in recognition of their excellence. Golden tickets are worth 5 points. In addition to other rewards there will be two separate draws at the end of each term in the Golden Ticket Assembly for KS3/KS4.

          Students will receive a Golden Ticket for:

  • Outstanding piece of work
  • Outstanding continued contribution
  • Exceptional performance
  • Representation of school at an exceptional level
  • Displaying excellent levels of Personal Excellence for sustained periods of time
  • Sustained improvement

Electronic Postcard

  • Postcards will be given out for continued effort and/or attainment in a subject over a half term, or for consistent improvement over time. These are also worth 5 points.


Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates and pin badges will be awarded in assembly.  Points become currency.  Once you have reached the threshold for each award you can use those points on the following items...