What is in this GCSE course? Details of exams, other elements and marks available.

English Literature GCSE - AQA
Total of 160 marks - 2 Papers (Paper 1 = 40%, Paper 2 = 60%)

Literature Paper 1
Shakespeare and the 19th-century novel
1 hour 45 minutes.  64 marks.

Section A: Shakespeare.
Romeo and Juliet (34 marks, AO1-AO4).  Extract question in two parts.

Section B: 19th-century novel (Sherlock Holmes). Conan Doyle - The sign of Four (30 marks, AO1-AO3).  Extract question in two parts.

Literature Paper 2
Modern texts and poetry
2 hours 15 minutes.  96 marks

Section A: Modern text. Priestly - An Inspector Calls (34 marks, AO1-AO4). No extract. Choice of two questions.

Section B: Poetry: Comparative question on the Love and Relationships cluster (30 marks, AO1-AO3).

Section C: Unseen Poetry. Two questions in this section (32 marks, AO1-AO2): analysing an unseen poem (24 marks) and comparing two unseen poems (8 marks).


Common problem areas and misconceptions for Willingdon students, including links to help with those areas

Sherlock Holmes: The Sign of Four

Always produce an extended answer (4 – 6 paragraphs per essay) as well as learning relevant points for context (e.g. Victorian London, crime, the treatment of women and racism). Read through the Literature model answers below and create essay plans using the practice exam questions.

Love and Relationships Poetry

Considering the ‘big ideas’ for each poem and what it tells us about death, love, nature, loss etc. as well as analysing language, form and structure. Use the Poetry Guide and Poetry Revision Grid in the next box to help you. Learn poems in pairs so your essays are pre-planned.

Links to sample papers/questions 

Sign of Four

Dr Watson              Englishness v Foreignness
Mary Morstan Holmes and Watson
Sherlock Holmes    Wealth and Treasure
Tonga Past Paper Police
Settings  Justice 
Romeo and Juliet
Act 1      Prince                                                                      Mothers                                                                                         
  Conflict Romeo & Juliet Relationship
Act 2 Attitudes to Commitment Masculine Attitudes to Love
  Nature of Motherhood Mercutio & Friendship
Act 3 Love and Loyalty Capulet's Priorities
  Role of Women  
Act 4 Capulet's Attitude to Juliet Juliet - Rationale Character
Act 5 Fate Controlling Characters Attitude to honour and justice
  Juliet as decision maker  

Paper 2 Sample Questions

Climbing My Grandfather Follow Farmer's Bride Porphyria's Lover
Letters from Yorkshire Eden Rock Love's Philosophy Sonnet 29
Walking Away Mother Any Distance When We Two Parted Winter Swans
Unseen Poetry (sample questions) An Inspector Calls (sample questions)

Links to checklists and other useful resources

6 Month Revision Timetable for English - Click Here (covers all aspects of both courses and includes homework tasks)
Revision Tips and Methods - Click Here

Poetry Guide
Knowledge Organiser
Revision Grid

Quotation Flashcards - Romeo and Juliet
Quotation Revision Cards
Picture Revision Cards

Quotation Flashcards - An Inspector Calls
Quotation Revision Cards
Picture Revision Cards

Quotation Flashcards - Sign of Four
Quotation/Picture Revision Cards
Sherlock Holmes Quotations and Comments

Model Answers
 - Romeo and Juliet
 - The Sign of Four
 - An Inspector Calls
 - Love and Relationships
 - Unseen Poetry