What is in this GCSE course? Details of exams, other elements and marks available. 

Paper 1 - 90 minutes - Systems Architect.  80 marks available

Paper 2 - 90 minutes - Computational thinking.  80 marks available

Top Tips:

  • Do all the revision assigned to you.  It will all appear on Edulink.
  • Focus, initially on your weakness.
  • Attend intervention session every Thursday - ALL welcome.

Paper 1

Students should continue to use
Students should continue to do the Doddle quizzes set
Students should continue to do the quizzes set especially for them
Listen and watch the craigndave YouTube 1 per day during Easter

Paper 2

Complete all SENECA Assignments that you have been set through Edulink.
Doddle quizzes through Edulink.
Basics - Python school Click Here
Bitesize Computational thinking
Computer Science tutor - Revise and make notes, mind maps.  Complete past exam papers.
BBC Bitesize -  
Range of python tutorials - - python+programming

Exam paper walk-through for model answers