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Careers Lead - Mrs A Borrell
Careers Advisor - Mrs S Rooney (

Careers Newsletter - October 2020

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From East Sussex College Group - Points of Contract 

Student/Parents/Carers should primarily contact our enrolment team.  All information can be found on our September enrolment webpage: or using the contact details below:

Campus Telephone Number Email
Eastbourne Admissions 030 300 39699
Lewes Admissions 030 300 39699
Hastings Admissions 030 300 39699

Opportunities for access
A number of events, integrated into the school careers programmes, will offer students an opportunity to come into school to speak to students and/or their parents:  subject to COVID

    Autumn Term (terms 1 & 2)   Spring Term (terms 3 & 4)   Summer Term (terms 5 & 6)
Year 7   - Launch of START   - 'What's My Line'
- Parent Forum on Careers delivery by NCOP/ESC
Year 8   - NHS Assembly

- Trades Workshop

- Launch of START

- Assembly on 'Personal Brand'

- Parent Forum on Careers delivery by NCOP/ESC

- 'What's My Line'

- Launch of START

Year 9   - Assembly on 'Transition'

- Launch of START

- Assembly on 'Transition / Options'

- KS4 Option Evening
   HE providers in attendance

- Option assemblies

- Parent Forum on careers delivered by NCOP/ESC

- Assembly and workshop for First Generation Scholars

- First Generation University Visit

- Duke of Edinburgh 

- Visit to Cardiff Universities


- Sussex University 'Widening participation' campus visit

- The Big Futures Careers Show

- Duke of Edinburgh

Year 10  

- Launch of START

- Information Evening (HE colleges present)

- Work Experience Assembly

- Chelsea Academy taster sessions

- Assembly delivered by external CEIAG provider Employability Skills

- Dragons Den

- Duke of Edinburgh


- Work Experience preparation sessions

- Parent Forum on careers delivered by NCOP/ESC

- Parents' Evening (HE colleges present)

- Business competition with local Eastbourne Schools

- Duke of Edinburgh

- Cambridge University assembly and workshop


- Post 16 taster sessions

- Parents' Evening (HE colleges present)

- Work Experience 10th - 15th May

- Employability and Life Skills Day

- Parents' Evening (HE colleges present)

- NCOP workshops on resilience

- Duke of Edinburgh

Year 11  

- Launch of START

- Post 16 Options Assembly

- University visit for Bame students

- Information Evening

- 1:1 Careers Interviews by external CEIAG / NCOP providers

- 1:1 Interviews by YES

- Assemblies delivered by local HE providers including ESC, Plumpton, Hailsham CC, V8 and Bexhill College

- Duke of Edinburgh


- Mock Interviews

- I CAN Trade Fair for student with SEN and vulnerable groups

- Parents' Evening (HE colleges presents)

- Duke of Edinburgh



What's My Line - School Event

Testimonial from Helen Giles - Business and Legal Affairs Manager at the BBC

“This was a great event offered to students to find out about a wide variety of careers…..the students at Willingdon were very respectful, came with well-prepared questions and were engaged throughout the event”

What's new with Careers

16+ choices resource from the DfE
The Department for Education has put together a couple of simple and handy guides to inform young people and their parents about all of the options open to them post 16.

Using the link below watch the video which shows all of the routes available after GCSE’s along with additional information on each route such as the level of study, entry requirements, duration of the course, where it can lead etc.


FIND OPPORTUNITIES - Register & Be Found By Top Employers

View Here
 Read More
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Handy Guide - Post 16 Choices 

YES! Apprenticeship and Jobs List

Helping your child begin their career journey






YEAR 9 OPTIONS 2020 - Getting Ideas!


Don’t worry if you don’t yet have a definite career in mind – this takes time, and most people change careers several times throughout their life.

Online quizzes can help you begin to identify your strengths and think about which jobs would suit you. Here are three good ones to try:

The Prospects website

The excellent Scottish Government careers website (you need to register first but you don’t need to be Scottish!)




Careers Education , Information , Advice & Guidance  (CEIAG)

At Willingdon we value how important Careers Education , Information, Advice and Guidance is for our young people, in both raising aspirations and guiding and preparing them for the next steps in their career pathways. The Careers Education and Guidance programme at Willingdon is designed to help students make the most of themselves and their opportunities. 

We use the Gatsby Benchmarks of:

1.  A stable careers programme

2.  Learning from career and labour market information

3.  Addressing the needs of each pupil

4.  Linking in curriculum learning to careers

5.  Encounters with employers and employees

6.  Experiences of workplaces

7.  Encounters with further and higher education

8.  Personal guidance  

In addition to this, our CEIAG provision is supported by a host of other careers related events that our young people receive throughout the year. Examples of these include : Careers fairs, mock interviews,  focused assemblies and taster days to local colleges and universities. Please click on the link below to see how these events are mapped out across the year for each individual year group.  

Work Experience takes place in May, and involves every year 10 student completing a week with an external employer. This is an invaluable opportunity for our students to fully experience the work place, and the world of work, and also learn those very important employability skills that all employers are looking for.

The school has recently been reviewed – and successfully maintained its achievement of 'Investors in Careers' Award. This is a nationally recognised award for having excellent standards in careers education, information, advice and guidance. In addition, we are also working towards achieving 100% in all 8 of the Gatsby benchmarks – again illustrating our high standards within CEIAG provision. 

For more information on CEIAG at Willingdon, please do contact our careers lead – Ali Borrell

01323 485254