Parents' Evenings

Parent Forum Dates 2018/2019

All Parent Forum Dates start 6.30pm unless otherwise stated

27th September 2018 - Click Here  
22nd November 2018 - Click Here  
31st January 2019 - Click Here  
4th April 2019 - Click Here  
13th June 2019 - Click Here  

Parents' Evenings / School Evenings 2018/2019

Thursday 27th June Yr 6 Meet the Tutor Evening

Parents' Evenings / School Evenings 2019/2020

Thursday 11th September Yr 11 Parent Information Evening 
Thursday 18th September Yr 10 Parent Information Evening 
Wednesday 25th September Yr 7 Meet the Tutor Evening
Wednesday 2nd October  Year 6 Open Evening
Wednesday 9th October Yr 6 Open Morning
Thursday 10th October Yr 6 Open Morning
Monday 14th October  Yr 6 Open Morning
Thursday 24th October Yr 9 Parents' Evening
Thursday 28th November  Yr 10 Parents' Evening (1)
Thursday 16th January Yr 9 Options Evening
Thursday 30th January Yr 11 Parents' Evening (1)
Thursday 5th March Yr 7 Parents' Evening
Thursday 19th March Yr 8 Parents' Evening
Thursday 2nd April Yr 11 Parents' Evening (2)
Thursday 30th April Yr 10 Parents' Evening (2)