Remote Access


Remote Access

Is a service that allows staff to logon to a computer at the school
over the internet from home.The computer has all the same software and access to
school IT resources that you would find on a school computer.

Depending on the type of computer you are using at home there are differnet ways to access the remote desktop, please follow the following guides below:


Windows Computer

Simply download and run this file, this will launch a connection to the remote desktop
at the school with all the details already added, you will just need to enter your school
email address and password to logon to the computer.

WINDOWS 10 UPDATE: There is an issue when you connect to the remote desktop service where it will refuse the connection despite entering the despite entering the correct username and password. To resolve this, look for the
"More Choices" link, select "Use and different account" then type in your email address and password.


Apple Mac Computer

We recommend to use a free Microsoft Remote Desktop app. This software allows you to connect to the remote desktop by following this guide.​

iPad, Android or Windows Tablet

We recommend to use the Microsoft Remote Desktop App.