Willingdon 10,000 Book Challenge #WCSbuildingareadingcommunity

All staff and students are invited to join our adventure this year as we embark on a 10,000 book reading challenge!
Through our challenge we will work to build a knowledge of children’s literature and other texts, develop independent reading, become reading teachers and build a reading community. All key goals of ‘Building Communities of Engaged Readers’ by Cremin et. Al. (Routledge, 2014)

How do I take part in the challenge?

1) Read a book (fiction or non-fiction, eBook, audio book).
2) Add your book to the challenge by clicking Willingdon 10,000 Book Challenge
3) Add a short review of your book in your own words. You could include your thoughts on the characters and story-line or share some interesting new facts you have learnt.
R3 Reading for Pleasure reward points will be added for each book you add to the challenge. Additional reward points are available for interesting book reviews.
Check out our current total by clicking Willingdon 10,000 Book Challenge and scrolling down.