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KS3 Tutor Time - Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure helps our well-being. Research by Mindlab International from the University of Sussex (2009) suggested that reading regularly for at least six minutes a day can reduce stress levels.

Every student is expected to have a book in their bag to read during the school day, and particularly at transition times.

This should be a book that students would like to read. It can be fiction or non-fiction. When students have finished their book, they should add it to the Willingdon 10,000 Book Challenge.

Where can I find new books to read?

Use the new ‘click and deliver’ school library service.

1) Click School Library 
2) Click the Guest link in the top right corner of the page. 
3) Click ‘login via SSO’ button. 
4) Use the ‘Search’ option to find books you would like to read. (You can do a general search by typing ‘fiction’ or ‘non-fiction’ and seeing what books interest you.) 
5) Click on ‘Make a reserve’ and wait for delivery.