Tutor Time

KS3 Tutor Time - Reading for Pleasure

Reading for pleasure is promoted during KS3 tutor time sessions with weekly tutor slides. Year 7 and 8 use Monday tutor time sessions for reading. There is choice to use the slides to promote discussion about reading for pleasure and introduce new texts. This opportunity helps us to build social reading environments within school.

Ideas to develop reading for pleasure across the curriculum

Idea 1: Go to the library and borrow a book on a particular theme.
Make a mind-map on one side of A4 to show what you have found out. Reference the book title and page numbers.

Idea 2: Choose a book from the curriculum wider reading list to read / review.
Write a paragraph to explain why you are interested in this book and how it would help you study the subject in more depth.

Idea 3: Read a book of your choice and write a review for the school website.
Up to 100 words. Your review should contain an overview of the book and why you found it interesting. Provide an example to support your ideas.

Idea 4: Research books on a particular subject or theme.
Make a list of 5 books you would add to a reading list. Include title author and a sentence to explain why you think this would be a good recommended reading book.

Idea 5: Recommend a book to someone (a teacher / friend) to inspire or encourage them.
Write a paragraph to explain what the book is about. Write a paragraph to explain how this book is inspirational or encouraging.

Idea 6: Help to create a subject related recommended read display.
Research a book related to this subject suitable for your year group. Include on one side of A4: a picture of the cover, overview of the book, a sentence to explain why this book links to our subject. Pass these to your teacher for a class display.

Idea 7: Make a poster of ’13 books to read before you are 13’.
This can be linked to a subject area or theme. Make your poster engaging to look at.

Idea 8: Read a newspaper article (online or a paper copy) about a current news issue.
Bring this in to discuss in tutor time.

Idea 9: Research augmented reality books.
Think about how this technology is useful.
Design your own augmented reality book. What will it be about? How will you incorporate augmented reality? How will this improve the experience of the book?

Idea 10: Make a reading journey for a day/week.
Write down what you read for pleasure on one side and what you are told to read on the other. Write a paragraph to explain what you have learnt about your reading journey this week.