Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

Drop Everything and Read

Six DEAR sessions are organised across the year, one per term. During these sessions teachers and students are able to build their knowledge of young adult literature and experience reading aloud. The Google form surveys help to build interactive reading communities where students can express engagement with, and preferences for, different texts.

Future DEAR dates:

Term 3: Thursday 13th February

Term 4: Tuesday 31th March

Term 5: Thursday 14th May

Term 6:  Wednesday 15th July




Term 1 DEAR book tasting

Participation in Term 1 DEAR: 69% of Year 7 classes, 65% of Year 8 classes,  58% of Year 9 classes, 42 teachers. 64% of whole of KS3.

Year 7 most wanted to carry on reading Ghost Boys and to read other books by Jewel Parker Rhodes.

Year 8 most wanted to carry on reading The Nest and to read other books by Kenneth Oppel.

Year 9 most wanted to carry on reading Stargazing for Beginners and to read other books by Jenny McLachlan.