Drop Everything and Read (DEAR)

Drop Everything and Read

Six DEAR sessions are organised across the year, one per term. These sessions allow us to develop strands 1, 3 and 5:

1. Considerable knowledge of children’s literature and other texts

3. A reading for pleasure pedagogy which includes:

·         Social reading environments
·         Reading aloud
·         Independent reading
·         Informal book talk, inside-text talk and recommendations
5. Reading communities that are reciprocal and interactive. 

(Cremin, T., Mottram, M., Collins, F., Powell, S., Safford, K. (2014) Building Communities of Engaged Readers London: Routledge) 


The Google form surveys help to build interactive reading communities where students can express engagement with, and preferences for, different texts.

Future DEAR dates:

Term 6:  DEAR Wednesdays - Every Wednesday



Term 6 DEAR

Drop Everything and Read

Join us for DEAR Wednesdays in Term 6. 

Every Wednesday we are going to drop everything and read. Research shows that reading for just 6 minutes a day improves our well-being. Read for 6 minutes or more on Wednesdays and add click DEAR Wednesdays share what you have been reading.  Reward points available to all who take part. This survey is only open on Wednesdays but when you have read your whole book you can add it to our Willingdon Book Challenge


Term 3 DEAR

In term 3, DEAR focused on book tasting the opening pages of the five shortlisted books for the Southern School Book Award. Students were asked to read and then vote on how engaging they found the beginning pages.

1= not at all     2 = a little bit   3= quite engaging    4= very engaging   5=very, very engaging

Participation in this DEAR was measured by students who placed their votes for how engaging they found the five extracts using the Google form, which was completed by the KS3 class teachers. Only five extracts were selected this time so that there was ample opportunity throughout the day to complete the reading. PE classes addressed DEAR differently by highlighting a key book to KS3 students at the beginning of KS3 PE lessons on the day.

Overall participation as KS3, as measured by the Google form, was 54%. However, participation was largest in Year 7 at 71%. In Year 8, participation was 52% and in Year 9 participation was 40%.

Engagement with the texts was measured as the number of students who gave the 'engagement factor' for the book between 5 and 3 out of the total number of students who placed a vote for the book. On this basis, the book KS3 students found most engaging was 'Me Mam, Me Dad, Me' by Malcolm Duffy.

If you would like to read more of any of these books, head over to our school library.





Term 1 DEAR book tasting

Participation in Term 1 DEAR: 69% of Year 7 classes, 65% of Year 8 classes,  58% of Year 9 classes, 42 teachers. 64% of whole of KS3.

Year 7 most wanted to carry on reading Ghost Boys and to read other books by Jewel Parker Rhodes.

Year 8 most wanted to carry on reading The Nest and to read other books by Kenneth Oppel.

Year 9 most wanted to carry on reading Stargazing for Beginners and to read other books by Jenny McLachlan.