#WCSreadingwriters in Years 7, 8 and 9 have completed two months of their 10,000 reading for pleasure reward point challenge. This challenge helps to develop strand 3: “A reading for pleasure pedagogy which includes:

  • Social reading environments
  • Reading aloud
  • Independent reading
  • Informal book talk, inside-text talk and recommendations “

(Cremin, T., Mottram, M., Collins, F., Powell, S., Safford, K. (2014) Building Communities of Engaged Readers London: Routledge)

Some activities that students could be given R3 Reading for Pleasure points include: for independent reading, discussions about texts they have read, writing reviews, recommending books to their peers, participating in DEAR, reading texts out loud in class, attending book clubs. These activities can take place across the curriculum.

Reward Point Totals for end of term 3:

 Reward Point Totals for January 2020

What have students been reading?

Tutor Time Reading for Pleasure points