Author visits are an integral part of promoting reading for pleasure,  and careers  inspiration, amongst students. The visits provide opportunities for “social reading environments” and “informal book talk”, which form part of strand 3 of the ideas suggested by Cremin et al., 2014. However, since 23rd March 2020, we have needed to reimagine author visits.

Thank you to these amazing authors, Matt Oldfield, Fleur Hitchcock, Malcolm Duffy, Mitch Johnson, Kim Slater, Jenny McLachlan, Patience Agbabi, Polly Ho-Yen, Zana Fraillon, Susin Nielsen, and CILIP Carnegie Medal 2020 winner Anthony McGowan, 

who have taken the time to encourage us on our reading journeys so we can build a reading community: one book and one reader at a time.

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Matt Oldfield Fleur Hitchcock Malcolm Duffy




Mitch Johnson Kim Slater Jenny McLachlan







 Patience Agbabi  Polly Ho-Yen  Zana Fraillon




Susin Neilsen Anthony McGowan