Reading for Pleasure #WCSreadingwriters

Promoting reading for pleasure across the curriculum at Willingdon Community School is based on findings from the Open University’s Teachers as Readers project. This project stated that in order to effectively develop reading for pleasure, schools need to develop:

  1. Considerable knowledge of children’s literature and other texts
  2. Knowledge of children’s reading practices
  3. A reading for pleasure pedagogy which includes:
    • Social reading environments
    • Reading aloud
    • Independent reading
    • Informal book talk, inside-text talk and recommendations
  1. As Reading Teachers: teachers who read and readers who teach
  2. Reading communities that are reciprocal and interactive. 

(Cremin, T., Mottram, M., Collins, F., Powell, S., Safford, K. (2014) Building Communities of Engaged Readers London: Routledge) 

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