The Hearing Support Facility

Welcome to the 'HSF'

A key feature of the school is it’s Hearing Support Facility, a highly successful provision deaf children with a severe to profound hearing loss. Willingdon Community School is one of only two secondary schools in East Sussex to have a Facility provided by the ISEND Sensory Needs Service.

The HSF is an integral part of the school and the students we support here are included in all aspects of school life. Each of our students is firstly a member of their mainstream class and they spend some sessions time in the facility for specific individual or group intervention. Our team of specialist teachers of the deaf and teaching assistants, support students in the classroom and in the HSF. The additional support they receive may be Speech and Language Therapy, Literacy, Numeracy, PSHE and is tailored to each students’ individual needs. The percentage of time a student spends in each situation will vary, depending on the strengths and needs of the individual, but the overall aim of this support is to equip pupils with the skills they need to learn alongside their peers in the mainstream classroom.