Our team of professionals

Key to Abbreviations

AAHT = Associate Assistant Headteacher                  DoSP - Director of Student Progress
DoL - Director of Learning                                    ADoL - Assistant Director of Learning
LoL - Leader of Learning                                     PSA - Progress Support Assistant

Our Senior Team

Emily Beer Headteacher 
Fionnuala Rodgers Deputy Headteacher
Alison Walters Deputy Headteacher
Nadene Townsend-Smith Assistant Headteacher
Sally Porter Assistant Headteacher
Joe Curtis Assistant Headteacher
Andy Webb Business Manager


Catherine Johnson   Lee Gordon       
Ali Borrell Ali Borrell
Charly Dryer Becky Thomas


Year 7 -  Les Naylor / Becky Marshall
Year 8 -  Anthony Roche
Year 9 -  Tom Cain
Year 10 - Lee Gordon
Year 11 - Catherine Johnson


Year 7   - Adam Edwards
Year 8   - Jacqui Fear
Year 9   - Dawn Light / Taryn May
Year 10  - Lucy Bradley
Year 11 - Maureen Elliott

Our Departments


Joe Curtis - Line Manager for English / Assistant Headteacher
Elle Woodbridge - DoL 
Helen Arnold - ADoL
Sally Porter - Assistant Headteacher
Hayley Mallipoudy
Rebekah Harvey
Marie Elliott
Svetlana Mitchell
Mary Peake
Rowanne Brown


Simon Bradley – DoL 
John Castano-Lara - ADoL 
Dan McGough - KS3 Co-ordinator
Dario Emanuele
Beth Godley
Luke Evason
Zoe Kemp
Chris Honey
Becky Marshall
Paige Martin
Val Morson - HLTA


Rebecca Thomas – DoL - AAHT / ITT Lead
Philip Osborne - Additional ADoL / LoL Physics
Caitlin Morrison - LoL Biology
Mia Angella-Foyle - LoL Chemistry
Charlotte Attwood
Sarah Smithers
Joy Barrett
Nadene Townsend-Smith - Assistant Headteacher
Rebecca Ellis
Laura Connolly
Alex Martinez

Performing & Creative Arts

Charly Dryer– DoL Performing & Creative Arts / AAHT
Fionnuala Rodgers - Art / Deputy Headteacher
Becky Walker - Art
Eileen McCarthy – LoL Drama
Vanessa Wilson - LoL Music
Robert Carruthers - Music

Modern Foreign Languages

Liz Kelly - DoL MFL
Corinne Philibert-Lockyer - LoL Spanish
Maria Romero 


Lucy Collins - DoL Humanities
Laura Hughes - ADoL Humanities
Gideon Ellwood - History
Alison Walters - Geography / Deputy Headteacher
Sam Pennington – Geography
Becky Marshall - Geography 
Joshua Freed - Geography
Jo Hardwick - History / Sociology
Rebecca Ridley - History / Ethics & Philosophy
Catherine Johnson – Citizenship / Sociology / Child Development / AAHT
Katie Fowler – LoL Ethics & Philosophy 

Design Technology

Alison Borrell - DoL - Technology and Enterprise / AAHT
Ben Pavey  - ADoL Technology and Enterprise
Liz Turton - D&T
Ruth Harris-Moss - LoL Business
Penelope Burge - Business Studies


Chloe Attrill - DoL 
Dee Leonard - AAHT
Lee Gordon - AAHT
Lesley Naylor
Tom Cain


Jack Griffiths - LoL Computer Science and ICT
Anthony Roche

The Hub

Ollie Barber - DoL SENCO
Katie Fowler - ADoL - SENCO
Debbie Bussey - SEN Support Assistant


Tyler Capon (Teaching Assistant)


PA to Headteacher

Sam Rogers


Lisa Manning - Office Manager
Autumn Figgins
Lizzie Hadfield (Maternity Leave)


Julie Heard
Nicki Ashenden
Amanda Gwilliam

How to contact us:

General Enquiries

For general enquiries or to contact any member of staff, please contact Reception by phone on 01323 485254 or email us at office@willingdonschool.org.uk   

Julie Heard, Nicki Ashenden or Amanda Gwilliam on Reception will either answer your query direct or will pass a message to the appropriate member of staff.

To contact Mrs O Barber, Director of Learning for Inclusion and SENCO, please phone 01323 485254 or email office@willingdonschool.org.uk