GCSE Exam Results 2019

Our GCSE Exam Results 2019

For a third year running, we have sustained the high attainment that Willingdon Community School is renowned for. 70% of students leave with a grade 4 or above in English and Maths. This is a fantastic achievement, particularly given the recent educational changes which have led to more rigorous assessment in all subject areas. High attaining subjects were in STEM-(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). The school has taken great pride in encouraging many of our girls into these areas of expertise. For example, we had many students work with the Institute of Chartered Engineering (ICE) which clearly inspired a number of our girls to pursue these subjects at A Level. Other high performing subjects are Art, Music, Food/Nutrition and Ethics.

Exceptional performances were in abundance from many of this high performing year group. Headteacher Emily Beer and Acting Headteacher Fionnuala Rodgers were present on Results` Day to greet students and to congratulate and wish them the very best with their next educational steps. They commented:

‘Given the pressures caused by the increase in the number and duration of exams, our students have shown great resilience and support for one another. In addition, our students have all succeeded in achieving their Post Sixteen placements which we are delighted about. We would like to thank our hard working teaching and support staff body who went above and beyond to guide each individual student to reach their potential. We are very excited about the journey ahead of us with the current year groups who will no doubt benefit from the incredible facilities provided by the new buildings such as our sports hall.’

The school would like to draw particular attention to Lauren Davies who achieved 8 and 9 grades across 9 GCSE subjects. Comparable grades were achieved by Noah Bailey, Max Clare, Alethea Larrad-Tye, Bethany Matthews, Melissa Stuart, Alex Loader and Daniel Barclay, all of whom  outperformed their target grades.


  Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 7
English 77% 59% 21%
Maths 74% 47% 19%
English and Maths 70% 41% 11%

Some of our high performing subjects include:

·         Biology (54% grade 7 or higher)

·         Music (44% grade 7 or higher)

·         History (30% grade 7 or higher)

·         Food (100% grade 5 or higher)

·         Design Technology (87% grade 4 or higher) 

Whole school Progress 8 2018 = +0.03 (2019 Progress 8 scores are not verified until a later date).

Whole school Attainment 8 = 44.7

Ebacc APS = 4.