GCSE Exam Results 2020

Our GCSE Exam Results 2020

A proud year for Willingdon

Willingdon Community School celebrates strong outcomes from a fantastic year group who have shown tremendous maturity and positivity in these strange times. The school put a thorough process in place to organise centre assessed grades which are fair and robust, reflecting the time and energy these young people have dedicated to their studies.

We are incredibly proud of Nasim Bellagnaoui, who secured grade 9s in all of his subjects today, having also reached these standards in both sets of mock exams in Year 11. He has been offered a scholarship at Eastbourne College. Other high achievers include Tobias Lloyd and Gail Marie Duya (both with six grade 9s), as well as Sophie Newbold, Jessie Levell, Max Winchester, Katie Clay and Anna Branson, all of whom achieved outstanding outcomes.





Some students have made exceptional progress, and we would like to congratulate Talia Ozluk, Shaun Phillips, Thomas Gosden, Jack Watkins, Keira Holmes and Bethany Bradley, alongside so many others who have made incredible progress during their time at Willingdon.

As there are no league tables or accountability measures this year, it is not appropriate to share our overall statistics and percentages for different subjects, but we can confirm that this brilliant group of young people has performed very well.

Headteacher, Ms Emily Beer says, “Our students have shown such resilience and determination throughout the remainder of their final school year.  They richly deserve the really positive outcomes they have achieved right across the board.  We are delighted that our entire student body continue into further education and we wish them the very best”.