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Preparing to take
the next steps in life

Preparing to take
the next steps in life

Preparing to take
the next steps in life

We are Willingdon

We are a united, vibrant community which demonstrates personal excellence in all that we do. Learning at Willingdon transforms lives by igniting curiosity and expecting the very best from staff and students alike. We value opportunities, aiming for success today to prepare for challenges and opportunities tomorrow. We are respectful, honest and courteous to empower each other on our unique learning journeys. We look after ourselves and each other, and show empathy, respect and compassion to all people and our environment along the way. We encourage tolerance, resilience and reflection, which in turn allows everyone to make progress every lesson. We work together as a harmonious community to be the very best versions of ourselves.

This makes us Willingdon

We are looking forward to our Transition events including our Open Evening and Open Mornings. 

We are Willingdon.

Trailer - We are Willingdon - Technology & Enterprise

Trailer - We are Willingdon - Visual & Performing Arts

Trailer - We are Willingdon - Physical Education

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Vacancies at Willingdon

Year 6 Open Events – For September 2023 admissions

October 2022

Prospective Parents’ Open Evening – Thursday, 6th October 2022 5pm-8pm (last tour 7.15pm)

Headteacher’s Address at 6pm and 7pm

Open Mornings - 9am on the 10th, 11th and 12th October 2022
Tour of the school only – Saturday, 8th October 2022 9am-11am (last tour 10.30am)

To book onto any of the above Open Events please click on this form;

Year 6 Open Events October 2022 - Willingdon Community School


Summer Reading Challenge

Welcome to the #inmyshoesWCS  

Summer Reading Challenge!  

Read three books that are new to you and tell us about them.
1) A book that takes you to a different place.
2) A book that takes you to a different time.
3) A book that surprises you in some way.

You can find about book ideas by clicking  

Only one entry per student. Be ready with your thoughts on all three books before you submit your response.

Closing date for this challenge is Wednesday 31 August 2022. Students who complete the challenge by this deadline will receive a Golden Ticket

Click #inmyshoesWCS Summer Reading Challenge to take part!   

Values and Ethos

At Willingdon Community School, we aim to develop, in all our students, key values which we consider contribute to the achievement of what we refer to as, Personal Excellence.



To strive to do your best on all occasions. Take on new challenges and challenge yourself to reach the highest possible standards and be personally successful.



To respect and value all members of our community, recognising and celebrating our differences. Respect ourselves, valuing what we can each bring to our community.



Understand the needs of others and support those who sometimes need our help. Contribute to charitable work which supports those less well-off in the world.



Be well mannered in all situations, displaying the basic courtesies that we all value. Greet those you work with regularly; be particularly welcoming and polite to visitors and show appreciation for those who support and work closely with you.



Always be honest, even when it may appear difficult. Be honest to yourself - know your strengths and your weaknesses.

Our GCSE Exam Results

For a third year running, we have sustained the high attainment that Willingdon Community School is renowned for.

70% of students leave with a grade 4 or above in English and Maths. This is a achievement, particularly given the recent educational changes which have led to more rigorous assessment in all subject areas.

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