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On behalf of the students, staff and governors of Willingdon Community School, I should like to give you a very warm welcome to our website and invite you to explore its content.

Emily Beer - Headteacher


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Willingdon Celebrates Results 2018

We are celebrating excellent achievement for the second year following the national changes introduced to education. The examination system has become much more rigorous, with significant increase in challenge for all students and staff.  Whilst we welcome and embrace these changes, we are well aware of the hurdles that students and staff have had to face over a short period of time to achieve our positive outcomes.

One of the changes has introduced a 1-9 grade system, removing the A*-U grades previously awarded. To achieve Grade 9 is an incredible achievement, placing students in the top 5% of the country.  We at Willingdon, are immensely proud that many of our students achieved Grade 9 across all subject areas, which reflects the broad and balanced curriculum we continue to offer at Willingdon.  Subjects such as English, Art, PE, Ethics and Food Technology all achieved way above the national average. This is impressive based on the fact that all subjects are now faced with final exams, where previously coursework would have made up a large percentage of the outcome. Despite the additional rigour behind all these changes, we have sustained our overall performance and high standards.  66% of our student body achieved a Grade 4 or above in English and Maths, allowing them to progress to their desired Post 16 provision.

Students of all abilities achieved spectacular grades for example, 84% achieved a Grade 4 or above in English, reflecting the positive impact of the whole school drive on Literacy. Maths continued to achieve above national average allowing students of all abilities to make significant progress. Students with Special Education Needs also achieved above national average which reflects the inclusive ethos at Willingdon Community School.

Many students achieved exceptional performances, achieving 10 Grade 9-7s (A/A*) including Samantha Richards, Eloise Waterman, Cleo Brown, Holly Brown, Nina Elliott and Catherine Whittle. A special mention to one of our Head Girls, Charlotte Searle, achieving 3 grades above her expected progress rate.  Another notable success was the exceptional progress made by many including Jack Baily, Mervin Rachier and Matilda Tiffin, each of whom outperformed their target grades. 

We would like to congratulate all students on their successes and wish them luck at their future destination. The results we achieved reflect the positive relationships between students, staff and parents that we are appreciative of.  We look forward to celebrating the significant achievements at our Key Stage 4 Prize Evening in Term 2, more details to follow.


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  • 1000 Students at our school
  • 20+ After-school Enrichment clubs every week

Preparing to take the next steps in life

The school is regularly over subscribed, with 1000 students on roll. School buses provide transport for over 250 students from the Stone Cross, Pevensey, Westham and Langney areas of Eastbourne. We take students from approximately 15 different primary and private schools from across the area, with the majority coming from Willingdon, Polegate, Stone Cross, Pevensey & Westham and Hankham primary schools. We have a particularly close working relationship with Polegate and Willingdon primary schools, with whom we have formed a collaborative partnership aimed at developing the quality of transition to secondary school. Initiatives developed through this collaboration also benefit students joining us from other schools.

We are one of seven secondary schools and a large FE College (Sussex Downs College), which work very closely together on a range of initiatives. Working collaboratively, the schools and college have developed a number of flexible curriculum offers, strategies to support the development of good behaviour, improved transition to college at 16, staff development programmes and a range of other joint activities.

Willingdon has taken a prominent role in leading on many of these, to the benefit of all schools locally. As a recently designated Teaching School, working together with local schools is very much at the heart of our work, impacting on the quality of our provision but also providing a range of development opportunities for new and experienced teachers.

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