Our team of professionals

 Our Senior Team

Emily Beer Headteacher
Sue Dixon Deputy Head
Fionnuala Rodgers Deputy Head
Lesley Naylor (Maternity Leave) Assistant Headteacher               
Mel Brown Assistant Headteacher
Dee Leonard Assistant Headteacher
Alison Walters Assistant Headteacher
Sally Porter Assistant Headteacher
Darren Cooke Assistant Headteacher
Nadene Townsend-Smith Assistant Headteacher
Andy Webb Business Manager

Our Departments


Sally Porter – DOL English
Joe Curtis - ADOL
Helen Arnold
Kayleigh Neal - KS3 Co-ordinator
Madeline Morrison-Price
Jackie Seager
Leanna Meredith
Hayley Mallipoudy
Rebekah Harvey
Catherine Welford
Debbie Streeter
Ellie Woodbridge


Simon Bradley – DOL Maths
John Castano-Lara - ADOL Maths
Darren Cooke
Julie Loader
Val Morson
Lisa Meiller
Dan McGough
Kane Wright


Paul Jagot – DOL Science
Rebecca Thomas – ADOL Science
Charlotte Attwood
Nadene Townsend-Smith
Sarah Smithers
Joy Barrett
Philip Osborne - KS3 Assessment Co-ordinator
Monique Stirrups
Mia Foyle

Media Visual Arts

Charly Dryer– DOL Media Arts & LOL Art
Kim Griffiths - Media (Maternity Leave)
Neil Martin - LOL Media
Eileen McCarthy – LOL Drama
Fionnuala Rodgers - Art
Becky Walker (Maternity Leave) / Rachel Kerr (Maternity Cover)
Matt Healey- LOL Music
Charlotte Mayhew - Music

Modern Foreign Languages

Ghislaine Cornfield – DOL MFL
Ana-Laisse Gaye Lopez - French & LOL Spanish
Sam Shbib - French
Atiya Gourlay - French


Alison Walters – DOL Humanities
Gideon Ellwood - ADOL Humanities & LOL History
Mark Ellis – Geography Leading Teacher
Lucy Collins - ADOL Geography
Sam Pennington – Geography
Jo Hardwick - History
Fiona Barr - History
Catherine Johnson – LOL Citizenship
Sue Dixon - Citizenship
Rebecca Ridley– LOL Ethics & Philosophy (Maternity Leave) / Katie Fowler (Maternity Cover)
Mel Brown – Ethics & Philosophy

Design Technology

Ben Pavey  - DOL - D&T
Nick Howe
Helen Walker (Maternity Leave) / Andrew Smart  (Maternity Cover)
Alison Borrell - DOL - Food & Nutrition


Dee Leonard – DOL P.E.
Lee Gordon – ADOL
Lesley Naylor (Maternity Leave)
Jemma Graffham
Chloe Attrill – School Sports Co-ordinator

Learning Support

Anna Frendo– DOL - SENCO
Richard Hetherington – Head of HSF


Shaun Wilson – DOL I.C.T.
Anthony Roche
Sharon Rowe


Janie Jellings
Amanda Worrall
Dawn Light
Loretta Pokorny


Lisa Manning
Lizzie Hadfield (Maternity Leave) / Libby Whiteside (Maternity Cover)
Autumn Figgins


Karen Hughes
Emma Fisk

Directors of Student Progress

Year 7 -  Jemma Graffham
Year 8 - Anthony Roche
Year 9 - Lee Gordon / Les Naylor (Maternity Leave)
Year 10 - Catherine Johnson
Year 11 - Nadene Townsend-Smith

How to contact us:

For general enquiries or to contact any member of staff, please contact Reception by phone on 01323 485254 or email us at office@willingdonschool.org.uk   

Emma Fisk or Karen Hughes on Reception will either answer your query direct or will pass a message to the appropriate member of staff.

To contact Miss A Frendo, Director of Learning for Inclusion and SENCO, please phone 01323 485254 or email office@willingdonschool.org.uk